What Sets Us Apart, Steven R Baker DDS, Inc., Sonora CA, (209) 532-7418

What sets Dr. Steven R. Baker apart from other dentists?

I believe it has to do with several things. Number one is that I truly LOVE what I do. I get to do something that not too many on this earth get to do, and that is, practice dentistry. It is, in my estimation, the most fantastic occupation in the world. I can go anywhere, and help people! I do subscribe to the idea that 90% of life is attitude, and that attitude is a choice....so, choose a good one!

When recommending treatment for my patients, I consider what I would want done on myself or anyone in my immediate family. This approach helps keep me from recommending unnecessary treatment. It also helps me treat optimally, doing dentistry that will last as long as possible.

We have been honored with "Best Dentist in the County" in 2008 and 2011 by different local publications. Why? Because people like the way we treat them here. My staff is amazing and they treat our patients like family. My staff treats my patients and my practice as if the patients and practice were theirs, personally. Patients know that we truly care about them and that we consider it a joy and a privilege to be of service.

Steven R Baker DDS, Inc., Sonora CA, (209) 532-7418